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God fearing cities "Going Green"

My friend Ben who works at the DC Energy office has a great blog that lists the latest on the environment. Here’s a few of interest from this week:

Thanks, Iran, for the Reminder
Jordan Star — February 22, 2006
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has done more to ensure that the green revolution moves forward than a dozen presidential speeches or a score of low-carbon targets. By putting the fear of God, or Allah, back into oil markets, the Iranians have made a major step toward making sure that this time around, the shift away from fossil fuels will really happen.
The Greening of Jerusalem
Jerusalem Post — February 16, 2006
Earlier this week, Jerusalem became one of 326 cities in 46 countries throughout the world, and the first city in the Middle East, to launch its own “Green Map.”

-c/o Ben Rosenthal’s GreenList

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