Going once, going twice

Internet auction site eBay is getting itself into murky waters again. Earlier this month eBay was under fire again for selling soap from Auschwitz. The Polish seller, who claims that the only other known Auschwitz soap is on display at the Holocaust museum on the site of the concentration camp, asks eBay users to “see our other listings for more cool stuff.” We, however, suggest that if you’re in the market for intriguing soap products, try primalelements.com.

Speaking of auctions, Winona Ryder is back in the news. The Jewish actress best known for her roles in Little Women, Edward Scissorhands, and taking part in a riveting shoplifting incident at a Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue last year is back in the news again. At a recent court appearance where Ryder showed up to tell the judge that she had completed all 480 hours of community service that he had ordered — ahead of schedule, Ryder suggested that she auction off the shoplifted items for charity. The judge sparred with Ryder’s lawyer over the idea even though the stolen property now rightfully belongs to Ryder since she paid a $10,000 fine. “Your client should not benefit” from her crime, said Judge Elden Fox. We just want to know which charity she had in mind. Can anyone say Hadassah?

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