Goldberg's Position: Slated for a Diverse Candidate

Jack Shafer reports on Slate about the flap over the reason Jeffrey Goldberg was passed over for a permanent position at the Washington Post in 1989. Goldberg did not claim his position was “doomed by diversity,” a term falsely credited as his own, but merely “blamed” it on diversity.
What is clear is not only that there is a cost to the other candidate when hiring is affirmative action influenced such as it is and was at the Post, but that there is apparently an acknowledgement of a cost to the periodical’s quality by some of the paper’s management who admitted they selected a less exceptional candidate for the sake of diversity.
The Post’s passing over Goldberg was the Forward’s past gain, the New Yorker’s present boon, and the Washington Post’s burden to explain its past dubious hiring decision for many years afterward.
Slate and the Post are owned by the same company, and yet Slate itself seems unconvinced of the claim by executive editor Leonard Downie Jr. that the decision to not hire Goldberg wasn’t affirmative action related.
Rather, when there is smoke, there are mirrors.

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