Gonzo Jewish journalism

This week is the annual American Jewish Press Association conference. Since it’s being held right here in my hometown of Atlanta, it made it pretty easy to attend. The conference lasts until Friday around noon and I’m going to try to blog anything from the event that isn’t too snooze inducing.

I just got back from the opening reception where I got a chance to schmooze with a bunch of people including the Washington Jewish Week’s Debra Rubin, the New York Jewish Week’s Richard Waloff, Marc Klein of the Jweekly, and some punks from the JTA. And I got to spend some time with Rabbi Avi Shafran as I drove him to mincha.

Really not much news to report. Just some glad-handing and some pats on the back. They seemed like a tight bunch and a little wary of letting a youngin’ like myself join the fraternity. Hopefully, a couple days in Hotlanta will cool them off.

If you’re interested, here’s a peek at the conference schedule of sessions.

Until tommorow…

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