Good News From The Territories

Ha’aretz reports,

Over Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat’s objections, the Fatah movement in Gaza is proceeding with elections that began on May 26 and are expected to go on for several more weeks.

According to Fatah sources, so far the vast majority of those elected are identified with the reformists who are demanding greater democracy in the movement, and the old guard is losing. Other sources are saying bluntly that Mohammed Dahlan’s camp is winning.

Ooooh, I hope that mofucka is DONE DONE DONE!

7 thoughts on “Good News From The Territories

  1. I’ll try to find the URL which reported that ‘refugees’ living in the territories are prohibited from voting in order to perpetuate the ‘homeless’ image and keep them bitter.

  2. Is this new MoFo better than the old one? I mean I fully support the democratization of the PA but is this just the same shit, different pile?

  3. only to be replaced by some other homocidal maniac! YAY!!!
    Until the Pali people change the leadership aint changing.
    On teh bright side, It cant get any worse.

  4. Until the Pali people change the leadership aint changing. I don’t know about that — entrenched power that won’t let them change may be the real problem: just in. Change, they want.

  5. There has been a recent debate on Arafat’s real goals in Haaretz.
    It seems to me that Arafat has 3 goals:
    1. Staying alive
    2. Staying in power
    3. Stealing as much money as possible from the Palestinian Authority for himself and his cronies.
    The EU and the UN continue to be suckered into giving him more money to steal.
    Arafat has enough power to crush anyone who opposes him in any way.

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