Google Adds Explaination to "Jew" Search

When searching for the word “Jew” on Google, you might now notice a note up top which reads, “Offensive Search Results […] We’re disturbed about these results as well. Please read our note here.” In the note, the company explains, “Our search results are generated completely objectively and are independent of the beliefs and preferences of those who work at Google.”
Apparently, The ADL has also issued a statement on the subject.
Wow… Talk about making a dent. I’m curious as to why the Wikipedia article has dropped down to the third link, however. Are we being punished for—ahem—”abusing the algorithm” and drawing Google such bad heat? If so, oh the hypocrisy!
[Update] It’s back up to #2. The issue (sans mention of the Jooglebomb) is also reported on in today’s Times of India. Man… Why’s Weinstock gettin’ so much press? Skeet! Skeet! Skeet!
Google’s founder, Sergey Brin, himself a Jew, told Reuters today, “I certainly am very offended by the site, but the objectivity of our rankings is one of our very important principles. […] We don’t let our personal views — religious, political, ethical or otherwise — affect our results.”

12 thoughts on “Google Adds Explaination to "Jew" Search

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  2. damnit .. i just spent $18 non-refundable dollars to find out “jewwatch.com is not available for Backorder.”

  3. I believe the reason that it may be going down in ranking is that a lot of the links are in blogs. And once a blog entry is archived (and no longer on the homepage of a weblog) I believe it is counted less in the ranking.
    Of course, I’m not positive about this, since Google’s ranking algorithm isn’t public, but I believe the higher up in the domain hierarchy the page the link is on, the better.
    Also…it may have only been temporary. I just did a search, and wikipedia is #1

  4. you can create a page with 1000 links all right after the other… will display a large matrix of the word Jew hyperlinked to Wiki… does having 1000 links on a single page help? maybe tell the folks at USCJ and the reform folks to send that to all shuls with websites?

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