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Governor Taliban

Condemning Jews and all other “heathen” to an eternity of suffering seems to be a recent requirement for the office of Governor of Texas.

SAN ANTONIO, Nov. 6 (UPI) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry has drawn criticism from rival candidates for saying he agrees non-Christians are condemned to spend eternity in hell.
Perry was among some 60 mostly Republican candidates for Tuesday’s midterm election attending a Sunday service at San Antonio’s Cornerstone Church, where pastor John Hagee said in his sermon non-Christians were “going straight to hell with a non-stop ticket,” The Dallas Morning News reported.
Afterward, Perry told reporters there was nothing in the sermon he could disagree with, prompting quick condemnations from opponents.

Kinky, God bless him, came back with a rejoinder comparing Perry to the Taliban.
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5 thoughts on “Governor Taliban

  1. LOL, as a resident of Texas, I must say, although many Americans think Kinky is a joke, if they really knew Texas politics, they’d know that Perry is the real joke in this gubernatorial race.
    As long as ANY other candidate wins, I’ll be satisfied.

  2. But Hagee is such a friend to Israel! He brought 3500 of his faithful to DC at the onset of the Lebanese war, to demand that the House and Senate absolutely support Israel.
    Yep, with friends like these…

  3. yea the blog on the Houston JCC sight is filled with love for Hagee! He is a good pal of the jcc prez. gag
    I am voting for Kinky tomorrow. He is not a great Jew, but it is a really nice guy. Anything but Perry! and I am pretty REP.
    Seriously all Christians do think this..we are going to hell…ok, they can think whatever they want,

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