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Great shall be the peace of your children

It’s that time again! The courses have been announced for the 2007 National Havurah Committee Summer Institute (August 6-12, 2007), a week of multigenerational nondenominational Jewish learning where every teacher is a student and every student is a teacher.
Drum roll…………


  • Leah Lax [Poretsky Artist in Residence] – Memories to Memoir: Recording Jewish Spiritual Memories
  • Minna Bromberg – The Voice of Torah and the Torah of Voice: Singing as a Physical and Spiritual Practice
  • Mitch Chefitz – Progressive Kabbalah
  • Richard Friedman – Is All Fair In War?
  • Adam Gordon – The Gospels as Midrash: A Jewish Reading of the New Testament
  • Hanoch Guy – Israeli Poetry between War and Peace
  • Diane Klein – Hitbodedut: Prayer in the Breslov Tradition
  • Eleni Litt – Shiviti: Praying with Our Eyes
  • Alicia Ostriker – Us and Them: Four Texts, Multiple Interpretations
  • Dawn Rose – Founding Families Shared by Judaism and Islam: A Respectful Exploration
  • Ron Schnur – Incorporating Yiddish Language, Music, and Folkways into our Havurot
  • Jonah Steinberg – Learned of Adonai
  • Regina Sandler-Phillips – A Wheel in Spin: Tzedakah by the Numbers


  • Jesse Phillips-Fein [Poretsky Artist in Residence] – This I Believe: The Movement of Conviction
  • Sarah Chandler – “God looked into the Torah and created the world” –Bereishit (Genesis) Rabbah
  • James Diamond – Methodologies in Reading the Chumash: A Text Lab
  • Susan Gulack – Tikkun Kelalit – 10 Psalms for Healing
  • Marisa Harford – Secrets of the Matriarchs
  • Spencer Merolla – A Textual Ethics for a New Era: Constructing a Practical Sexual Ethic from Traditional Wisdom
  • Jay Michaelson – The Mystical Practice of Zohar Study
  • Linda Motzkin – Hands-On Torah
  • Michael Rosenberg and Miriam-Simma Walfish – Advanced Talmud: White Sheets and Groomsmen, or: The Wedding Night
  • Joseph G. Rosenstein – A Taste of Talmud
  • Carly Sachs – Here and Hearing: A Poetry Workshop
  • Joseph Sievers – Continuity and Change in Second Temple Judaism: Readings from the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Pamela Wax – Making Great Your Personal Peace: Tikkun Middot (Improving Your Soul-Traits)

Special Workshop

So who’s going?

6 thoughts on “Great shall be the peace of your children

  1. Each morning course and each afternoon course is 1.5 hours x 4 days. You take one 4-day morning course and one 4-day afternoon course for the whole week. In addition, there are also “workshops” in the morning and afternoon, which are one-shot deals. Anyone can offer a workshop. Those aren’t determined yet.

  2. Mobius-
    I’m not on the Course Committee, so I can’t answer your question about why your class was turned down except to say that there were lots of applicants for a limited number of slots (I don’t know this year’s numbers, but last year over 70 proposals were submitted), but the “special workshop” is coordinated by the Planning Committee (which I’m also not on this year), which operates entirely separately from the Course Committee, so you could contact them. nhc2007 at gmail.

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