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Greening HaAretz

Treehugger reports:

They may still be leagues ahead of their time in Israel, but the Good Energy Initiative established by one of our favorites – the Heschel Center – is acting to offset carbon emissions.
The do-gooders are aiming to reduce greenhouse gas source production, and to support Israeli energy independence via energy efficiency and alternative technologies.
The Good Energy Initiative does this by investing its revenues in non-profit social/enviro projects (see the list below). It appears to be the only active and voluntary carbon offset project in Israel.

The list of projects includes CFLs, biodiesel, garbage seperation and a host of other sustainable ideas.
Joshua Berman, a member of the initiative, tells Treehugger:

“I believe we are offering something very special for Jews in Israel and abroad, that is, rather than buying carbon credits which support initiatives in New Mexico, India or other developing countries, which is fine, we are giving people the opportunity to not only offset their carbon emissions but support Israel and green Israeli initiatives at the same time.”

Full story.

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