Groovin' with Hashem, Matisyahu breaks into the mainstream

Everyone’s favorite hasidic reggae superstar, Matisyahu has gotten a shitload of press this week upon the release of his new album, Live at Stubb’s: Austin (which is currently #37 on Amazon).
Check out this review of Matisyahu’s sold out Irving Plaza show at the popular indie music blog, Brooklyn Vegan.

So I went to the sold out show at Irving Plaza (capacity 1000?) Sunday night (April 17, 2005), and I realized that he was more than really good. If I do a ‘top ten shows of the year,’ this one has a serious shot at making the list. And where have I been? There were more people looking for extra tickets than outside The Arcade Fire. There were more people dancing than Bloc Party. There were more people crowd surfing than at Mudvayne.
Matisiyahu raps better than M.I.A., sings better than Annie, and is even more inspirational than Kimya Dawson. And as far as reggae goes, he hangs with the best of them. If you don’t believe me, look at the flyer for Carifest happening at Randall’s Island in NYC on July 10th. (he beatboxes too)

The Associated Press and Rolling Stone both show their love!
Golly, I haven’t been this excited about a Jewish musician since Evan & Jaron!

5 thoughts on “Groovin' with Hashem, Matisyahu breaks into the mainstream

  1. I first heard matisyahu last may on a friends CD of that had been “floating around” then was out in CA and went to see him on jimmy kimmel. since then i have been an avid listener, hes been inspiring my world ever since. you It’s been a agood year.

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