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Group of UK Jews Split From Mainstream, Form Own Jewish Body reports,

A group of British Jews including fashion designer Nicole Farhi, actor/writer Stephen Fry and Rabbi David Goldberg have led their names to a new organisation set up to express an alternative viewpoint to a number of issues including Israeli policy and the role of the Board of Deputies.
In a statement, Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) says: “We come together in the belief that the broad spectrum of opinion among the Jewish population of this country is not reflected by those institutions which claim authority to represent the Jewish community as a whole.”
The statement added: “We further believe that individuals and groups within all communities should feel free to express their views on any issue of public concern without incurring accusations of disloyalty.”
The group which has over 100 signatories to its list is inviting other British Jews to join with a suggested donation of at least £30.

The group’s statement appeared in full on The Guardian’s website here, along with an additional commentary by Brian Klug here. IJV’s own website is here. The Guardian and The Independent report.

One thought on “Group of UK Jews Split From Mainstream, Form Own Jewish Body

  1. Is there nothing else people can talk about and have an ‘independent voice’ about apart from Israel, Anti-Semitism & the Holocaust?
    Wow more middle-class left wing Anglo Jews standing up for typical politicised crap!
    that’s not independent – it’s status quo!
    it is just as uni-dimensional and reactionary as the views they are opposing!
    “We are not those Jews over there – we are different etc… look at us – we are so cultured and sophisticated!”
    but no independent thought whatsoever!
    I as a Jew take no responsibility for the State of Israel or her actions, I can neither feel embarrassed or proud of her achievements or crimes.
    Just as I take no responsibility for the behaviour of my mother or spouse if they do well or embarrass themselves.
    Let Israel grow up – let go of her, let her make her own mistakes and learn her own lessons without you feeling the need to come to her aid or to criticise her.
    She is not me and I am not her.
    As someone said ‘A Jew is not a Zionist and a Zionist is not a Jew’.

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