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Half-Jew Pride

Rob Schneider took out a full-page ad in this week’s Variety as his way of weighing in on the whole Gibsongate affair, and/or plugging his own forthcoming project.


He continues,

Even though I have just completed principal photography on my directorial debut in my upcoming motion picture “Big Stan” (A Prison Comedy) in which there is a Nazi gang leader, which apparently Mel would be PERRR-FECT for, and I had a Time Machine and could go back in time and RE-CAST the lead Nazi, I, like Bernie Brillstein would Mmm-most likely say “NO!.”

The whole stunt is obnoxiously self-serving (and come on, it’s not like Schneider and Gibson were really jockeying for the same projects before all this), but is it wrong of me to find it just a little bit funny as well?
Full letter here.

2 thoughts on “Half-Jew Pride

  1. I feel that this letter had a certain completeness that while humorous to some, contained a type of musical wholeness and purity that confirms Shneiders’s integrity to his self and connects many people that voices were only heard as whispers, by Schneider explicitly addressing Gibson’s drunkened self volitions. I am not surprised that it takes a comedian to speak out against the idiosyncrisies of eccentric minorities and their babble.

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