Hall of Shame

MSNBC reports,

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has sued the online Jewish Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over alleged trademark infringements of the rock hall’s name.

The lawsuit filed Monday in Cleveland seeks to halt the use of the name Jewish Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and award the Cleveland rock hall unspecified damages. The lawsuit claims the rock hall has sold more than $5 million in licensed items in the past 10 years, and the Jewish rock hall jeopardizes that brand.

Full story. (c/o Shred)

22 thoughts on “Hall of Shame

  1. Mind you, you’ve really got to wonder about this whole segregated “Jewschool” thing. Johnny “Fever” Brown, my question to you is: what’s up with that?

  2. Jake:
    The river hasn’t burned in more than 20 years. It really isn’t that funny any more. (Jim Rome and his ‘clones’ aside that is, to them it still is funny apparently.)
    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is having financial problems. Looks they found a great way to get a little bit of free advertising. And after all it is only us Jews that they are going after, so no one will likely complain about it anyway.
    Affirmative Action is racist. Giving preference to anyone simply because of genetics is a problem. Whether it is a white person who will only hire white people. Or forcing people to hire a minority BECAUSE they are a minority. The best person for the job should always be the one who gets the job.

  3. Do you know why there are so many hospitals with “jewish” related names? B/c when jews started coming here in mass numbers they werent allowed to be treated in non-jewish facilities. Nu, they built their own. And now they are the best hospitals in America and perhaps the world! So my point is that we have a tradition to point out to the overwheliming goy community that we are here and we do great things and if you dont like it…then fichen off!

  4. “Affirmative Action is racist. Giving preference to anyone simply because of genetics is a problem.”
    Affirmative action is predicated on the fact that certain minorities have been, and continue to be, discriminated against simply because of their skin color. It does not imply that more profound genetic differences, operating at the level of cognition or behavior, are a factor, as your message does to some extent, if only by failing to acknowledge this critical point.

  5. but is is reverse racism. if a “white” qualified man applied for a job and a “black” unqualified man for the same job. The “white” man is discriminated for being white and does not get the job. So…its a moral thing. or you can look at it like this
    is it wrong for a starving man to stell food from a rich man….simply yes however it seems excusable in this circumstance. and a “white” guy will have many more chances to get his “food” than the “black” guy who might have stolen one piece to survive…make sense???

  6. Affirmative action is certainly a moral issue; I never argued in favor of it; and I never claimed it’s not ‘racist’ . I only meant to suggest that if one understands affirmative action reductively as “giving preference to anyone simply because of genetics” it reflects a failure to grasping or acknowledge that the policy is predicated on a specific cultural history, not differences in group behavior that can be ascribed to innate factors (i.e. genetic differences beyond skin color).

  7. Michale Lerner has called Israel a kind of affirmative action for the Jewish people. I think he may be right.

  8. Were you being facetious? The Olympics decided to let Special Olympics use the name, but have decided otherwise for many groups. The Gay Olympics, for example, were challenged and forced to become the Gay Games. The Olympics are very, very serious about protecting use of “Olympics” as well as the interlocking rings logo.

  9. Ms. Black Jew:
    If you decide to read more into my comment than was there that is on you. Genetics at any level is genetics. Skin color is based on a person’s genetic makeup.
    If I own a business and will only hire people with black hair, for what ever reason, I am making that decision based on genetics. The point I was trying to make is an easy one. The fact that preferential treatment is being given to anyone for reasons other than being the most qualified is a problem. The fact that affirmitive action is specific to race/gender issues causes it to create a situation that IS racist. The only time it should come in to play is if two candidates are equally qualified for a position.
    I have several friends that were passed over for positions they were much more qualified for than the candidate who ultimately got the position, simple because the other candidate that was even being considered was covered by affirmitive action. That is the problem with the program, my friend in was a white male and the other candidate was a minority female. The position required a computer background and an understanding of heating and cooling systems. My friend had work a similar position for 3 years as a student employee. The other candidate had no computer background and no background in heating and cooling systems, she got the job and became the supervisor of the student staff because of the affirmitive action requirments that this department of the institution needed to have so many minorities in certain types of positions. Ultimately she didn’t last long in the position because she was having problems getting everything she had to learn down to the point that she could handle the job, if it had been given to the qualified candidate to begin with, it would have saved the organization time and money. And the other candidate the embarrassment of having to go to another position in the organization very soon after moving to that position. This is my problem with affirmitive action. I also feel that the program ‘encourages’ minorities to not seek to become the best candidate for a position, as they may be able to get the position anyway, and that ‘encouragement’ is a racist attitude from those who put the program in to place to begin with.
    (I’ve rambled enough.)

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