Happy Al-Quds Day from Im Tirtzu

On Jerusalem Day in the holy city of three faiths, the right-wing grassroots group called Im Tirtzu did their best to incite Israeli public against Peace Now. They hung a “Happy Al-Quds Day” banner in Jerusalem featuring Palestinian flags and Peace Now logos. Im Tirtzu’s logo was nowhere to be found and only took responsibility after a telephone confrontation by Peace Now. The video below features the recorded phone call with Im Tirtzu’s spokesperson.

2 thoughts on “Happy Al-Quds Day from Im Tirtzu

  1. I don’t see the problem. It’s a provocative stunt and yes it misrepresents Peace Now in its official policies and positions, but all acts of protest and provocation, be they left or right inspired, exaggerate and prevaricate in order to attract attention.

  2. agreed. how is this any different than what the Yes Men did? If a protest can successfully convince others that they are their opposition, that would seem to be a successful protest if that’s the goal…

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