6 thoughts on “Happy Israel Elijah-pendence Day!

  1. It was a funny ad, until they showed the map of Israel, which included the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Um, didn’t anyone tell Birthright that Israel hasn’t annexed those areas (and actually left one of them)?
    Maybe a different agenda, maybe just too lazy to draw lines for the West Bank or Gaza Strip . . .

  2. Hehe, gosh, I just grabbed a Google map and converted it into a quick illustration. The scene passes so quickly I didn’t think it would matter. No agenda. But funny that, for at least one person, it made an otherwise funny cartoon unfunny!

  3. Big fan of the trip but not of the quiet recitation of “This is our Birthright, Birthright Israel”, it has this wierd brainwashing vibe about it.

  4. indeed what about the borders? maps showed in jewish organisations (youth movements,..) generally do not show the lines of 67. it’s a big irony (and hypocrisy) that at the same time it is said that palestinians do not recognize the jewish state.

  5. Ben Baruch, we love your stuff! ShaBot is a cartoon that never fails to make me laugh and your standalone animations, including your recent work for Taglit are outstanding. Keep up the great work!

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