Happy Polish Independence Day

76415_458005029019_778204019_5279976_8171567_nYouth in Warsaw Protest Against Fascism in their Homeland during the commemoration of the anniversary of Poland’s assumption of independent statehood in 1918 after 123 years of partition by Russia, Prussia and Austria.
Down with imperialism and fascism in Jerusalem and New York, London and Johannesburg, Warsaw and Marrakesh.
Oh, this reminds me: Marcus Jastrow, the author of that indispensable Talmud dictionary, HUGE Polish nationalist.

16 thoughts on “Happy Polish Independence Day

  1. it’s true. the zionist right doesn’t seem to realize that the liberation of the jews, the utopian ideals for which we all fight is a human, international struggle…and Jewish Eastern Europe is not over.

  2. 1/ Marrakesh?
    2/ Actually the Bundist homeland was the old Russian Empire (which included parts of Poland).
    First the Tsars pummeled the Bundists with the Bundists not participating in their overthrow in 1917.
    Then the Commissars destroyed the Bund in Communist Russia with the Bundists doing nothing to stop them.
    Then the Bundists, none of whom fought the Germans in 1939, joined the rest of Warsaw’s Jewry in doing nothing until 1943.
    If you want to see the Bund inaction today:
    3/ Very strange sign. Nikkudim under some letters in words but not others?
    4/ Of course Jewish Eastern Europe is over. Other religions not so much
    (Which BTW would be the fourth in Poland)

  3. I’m Zionist, lean to the right, some say, and I fully support a strong Diaspora, including in Eastern Europe, where I was born. With Chabad at the forefront, Jewish communities in less sexy places like Irkutsk, Kishinev, Zhitomir, Vladivostok, etc. are on a trajectory of growth. It’s truly inspiring.

  4. Boxthorn’s pedanticism reaks.
    1) I had an amazing shabbos in Marrakesh. One of the weaknesses of the bund was that it didn’t yet non-Ashkenazim as fertile ground for their ideologies. Call it racism or narrow-mindedness, I would change that today.
    2) to suggest there there were no bundists or former bundists fighting Germans, I you are just categorically wrong. not sure of your point anyways.
    3) You clearly no nothing about the Yiddish language.
    4) Muslims in Poland should join forces with Jewish activists. They would find they have a lot in common.

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  6. @leyb
    1/ If you had an amazing ‘shabbos’ instead of Shabbat in Marrakesh that sort of shows that modern day Jewish lefties have the same attitudes that old Jewish lefties have regarding the non-Ashkenazim.
    2/ ‘Muslims in Poland should join forces with Jewish activists’
    Jewish activists should learn a bit about the word ‘boxthorn’.
    @DAM and AD
    So you’re making fun of the word ‘boxthorn’
    That’s funny in itself given the opinions of your Muslim friends:
    (and so many more)

  7. I took the challenge, and looked up boxthorn in the dictionary.
    Seems it’s a kind of nightshade, a poisonous plant.
    I leave it to others to discern the significance.

  8. Larry, who do you think you are impressing with this infantile remark? Really? All that education under your belt and you’re still making fun of people’s names? Really? That’s how you want to be remembered?

  9. Yes, Larry. Your legacy is to be found in the comments section of a Jewish blog. Don’t ever forget that.

  10. Nightshade = potato?
    Because Dave is SUCH a representative of Sephardic culture, as we know. N’est ce pas?
    There have Muslims in Poland since the middle ages. Look up “Polish Tatars”.

  11. @B.BarNavi
    “There have been Muslims in Poland since the middle ages.”
    There have been Saudi financed mosques in Poland since the middle-first decade of this century.
    Can’t anyone click on a link? Its amazing that so many people who claim such a deep knowledge of Muslims don’t know what the gharqad (Boxthorn) is.
    That’s the significance.

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