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To paraphrase someone who commented on this article on Ha’aretz’s website: with all of the poverty and other assorted tzuris in Jerusalem, this is what the municipality is spending its money on?!

Jerusalem municipality to erect sukkah made entirely of candy
By Haaretz Staff
The Jerusalem municipality and the Ariel municipal company are planning to build a sukkah made entirely of candy to mark the Jewish holiday of Sukkot later this week.
The sukkah will be built in Jerusalem’s Safra Square and will be named “HaSukkah-Rya”, a play on words meaning hard candy.
Two tons of candy and candy-shaped ornaments will be used in the construction of the 1,000 square meter sukkah. The lighting will be in the shape of candy and the walls will be covered with candy and bubble gum. Various sweets will be offered to guests free of charge.
The sukkah will be open to visitors starting on Wednesday. Cultural events and other attractions will be held in the sukkah throughout the holiday.

5 thoughts on “HaSukkah-Rya

  1. For once I agree with incorrect.
    Yes Jerusalem should take better care of its poor, but the notion that until it does so no one (and that includes the poor) is not allowed to have any fun does not fly.
    Of course I’ve been watching the pages of Ha’aretz showing the Israeli government adopting economic models reminiscent of the Reaganomics that has turned the US into a corporate feudal state, and been disturbed by that. It’s an economic model that defies the holiness code.

  2. yes, wow, I also agree with incorrect.
    I don’t remember the exact numbers, but if I’m not mistaken, the big sukkah that has been built by the city for the past few years, had more visitors each day than any other Jerusalem attraction (except maybe the Kotel) . People like this. Yes, it’s mishegaas, but if it brings people into the city to spend time there and to spend money there, then incorrect’s right – that’s what city hall is for.

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