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Hazon and The Forward team up for a new "Jew and the Carrot"

The URL is the same, but the look and feel are different. Starting today, is now a blog at the Forward. Started by Hazon in 2006, the Jew and the Carrot has provided insight, recipes and news covering the spectrum of Jewish related food issues. Hopefully this new move will give the blog more readers, more contributers and more legitimacy.
It’s great to see two Jewish institutions, one historic and one relatively new, working together. This type of collaborative effort embodies exactly the kind of effort Hazon is embarking on by creating their new office space in lower Manhattan (which shares a floor with The Forward), Makom Hadash, which seeks to be “a multi-tenant nonprofit center for second-stage Jewish nonprofits, which will enable member organizations to focus more on their missions, develop more sophisticated organizational infrastructure, and collaborate more effectively together.”
So head on over to the new and have a look around!

8 thoughts on “Hazon and The Forward team up for a new "Jew and the Carrot"

  1. Kashrut has been a slightly importantly issue since at east a decade before the advent of granite countertops.
    Looking ‘Forward’ to the new jcarrot. Crunch!

  2. I don’t know… They seem to have dropped the food justice and now are all about foodie-ism. Boring! Who needs another foodie blog?

  3. So far, Justin, I am not impressed! I will try to keep an open mind… I guess I am just sad, it was one of my favorites for a while.

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