HIAS petition on Syrian refugees to White House

6 Ways to Act on the Syrian Refugee Crisis with HIAS

Our friends at Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) have provided one of the strongest authentic Jewish responses to the Syrian refugee crisis. This venerable, hundred-year-old agency has emerged in recent years as the preeminent Jewish moral voice on past decade’s global refugee crisis. It recently opened a campaign office and has long expanded operations beyond the resettlement of just Jews to all those in need of asylum.
As their heart-breaking and -warming video below testifies, “As long as there are places where it’s a crime to be who you are, there is still a mandate to be who we are.”
Here’s how you can make a difference for Syrian innocents in the name of Jewish values:
1)     Sign their petition calling on the President to take bold and dramatic action to resettle 100,000 Syrian refugees into the United States this year, to provide considerable humanitarian assistance to aid refugees abroad, and to address the root causes of the crisis.
2)     Join their national briefing call on the Syrian refugee crisis on Thursday. The call will give a comprehensive overview of what the Syrian refugee crisis looks like and what must be done to alleviate it.
3)     Volunteer with refugees and asylum seekers in your own city. Complete this form and HIAS will contact you with more information.
4)     Donate to HIAS. Your donations help us to assist refugees around the world. Right now, during the High Holiday season, your contribution will be matched and doubled.
5)     Stay informed on the latest developments in the global refugee crisis by visiting www.hias.org to learn more and by receiving HIAS’ action alerts and updates, which you can sign up for in the light blue “Sign Up” box on the top right hand side of the HIAS homepage. Also check out the FAQs about the crisis.
6)     Share this blog post. In this moment, the need for Jews to raise their voice on behalf of Syrian refugees is critical. Please help HIAS by forwarding this information widely!

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