Hebron Community Ordered to Hand In Their Guns

Arutz Sheva reports,

Last Thursday, the civilian head of Hebron’s security apparatus, Yoni Bleichbard, who is employed by the Defense Ministry, received a phone call from an officer in the Hebron brigade. She notified Yoni that his weapon’s license, permitting him to carry an M-16 rifle, had been voided and that he was now classified as “weapons-negated”. The reason: unknown. The source of the decision: somewhere up there – Central Command or higher. The result: yesterday, Yoni was forced to ‘return’ his rifle to the authorities that be. In other words, Hebron’s security chief is forbidden to carry the primary tool of his trade, that tool which is used to offer protection and defense, should the need arise, to any of the Hebron community’s hundreds of residents or thousands of visitors.

Full story.

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