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Help me hire some student journalists!

Who says there are no paying jobs left in journalism?
By day, I’m the editor of New Voices, the national Jewish student magazine, and the director of the 40-years-young organization that publishes it, the Jewish Student Press Service. Since the JSPS was founded (New Voices itself is 20 years old), we’ve been a home for independent Jewish journalism–written and published entirely by college students.
We operate on the most shoestring of budgets, but occasionally, we get the exciting the chance to actually hire someone. In this case, I’m looking for 10 someones!¬†If you know a student journalist who might be interested in this, let me know in the comments or by emailing me at david(at)
Here’s my full pitch:
Jewish Student Journalists: We Want to Pay You!
New Voices Magazine, the national Jewish student magazine, is seeking student journalists to do paid reporting from their campuses this fall!
As a National Correspondent for New Voices Magazine, you will write one reported article per month and will also be able to contribute to the New Voices blog. (Some correspondents may also file video or photo pieces instead of or in addition to written articles.)
Each correspondent will report once a month throughout the fall semester (which, for our purposes, will consist of September, October, November and December) in exchange for a $250 stipend. Many will be rehired for the spring semester.
Every month, there will also be a topic that each correspondent will be asked to do some reporting on. That material will be knitted together into articles that will feature reporting from several campuses.
New Voices is hiring writers for these positions from a geographically diverse selection of campuses.
For full details on how to apply, head over here.

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