Hertzberg: Lyndon Who?

I just spoke to Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg about his recent interview with Marjorie Mazel Hecht for Lyndon LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review.

Hertzberg assured me that prior to the interview he had no idea who LaRouche is, nor what a contemptuous fascist and antisemite he is. He assured me that he in no way endorsed LaRouche in the context of the interview (the questions seem to have been reworked in order to create that impression), but more importantly, he still stands by everything he said about “those fatheads” Bush and Sharon. And uh, he also said, anyone who doesn’t like it, can (to put it more pleasantly than he) piss off.

24 thoughts on “Hertzberg: Lyndon Who?

  1. He had no idea who LaRouche was ? I don’t mean to cast aspersions on the man – I really dug a lot of what he said – but that seems kind of unlikely

  2. Please forgive me if I take your conversation with Rabbi Hertzberg on this subject witha grain of salt. About the size of Lot’s wife. But that’s just my opinion.
    My other opinion is that, in light of his prominent position among American Jewry, the rabbi would really have to have been distracted if he didn’t know about all the slanders about LaRouche’s “anti-semitism.”
    But he’s also evidently heard the truth, like LaRouche’s Oasis Plan, dtaing back to the mid-1970’s, for the joint peaceful development of the Middle East, founding political freedom and coexistence on a sound economic development program. Here is the relevant excerpt from the interview:
    EIR: Can you talk some about a solution—the policy of economic development for the Mideast, which LaRouche has pushed as the only way to change the situation?
    Hertzberg: It is the only way. Look, I’ll give you a rather startling parallel. Twenty-five years ago, the blacks made riots in America. How come they haven’t torn up a suburb in 20-25 years? The answer is that with all its faults, affirmative action and all the rest that we have done, have brought enough blacks into the middle class and into the American mainstream economy, so that they have a stake in not tearing the joint down. I rest my case.
    We have got to create a situation or situations in which Jews and Arabs have a stake together; Israelis and Palestinians, in not tearing up Israel/Palestine. And the only way you’re going to do this, is not quickly by declarations, but slowly, by economic development.

  3. zinderneuf — you don’t get it. what they asked hertzberg was “How do you feel about economic development as a solution?” after the interview, they added that shit about larouche. after all, he’s certainly not the only person who’s espoused that idea.

  4. No, mo1, YOU have it wrong. Anyone with the international credentials of a Rabbi Hertzberg can be no dupe, and it is a great offense to make such a statement. Time is too short for the gullible of the world to continue to swallow the big Goebbels lie that LaRouche is a ‘fascistic anti-semite’. In truth, LaRouche has led the world-wide fight against fascism through his ‘great projects’ for global development and ‘perpetual renaissance’ (in lieu of ‘perpetual war’) through his youth movement. His publications are the only printed media that report on the Shministim, Gush Shalom, Courage to Refuse, and Israeli opposition to the Wall. I know, because I have written some of these articles (I assure you, The Jewish Exponent, which comes to my door weekly, does not). LaRouche’s current presidential campaign’s main focus is to rid the White House of fascist Cheney and his thugs. It’s a brutal fight, as evidenced by my vote for him in yesterday’s Pennsylvania primary, being registered as ‘0’. Anyone who would like to see Mazel-Hecht’s review of R. Hertzberg’s THE FATE OF ZIONISM, can write me at [email protected]

  5. In recent years LaRouche has portrayed himself as a conservative, business oriented economist and political analyst. Yet, during his fifteen years of intense political activism, the most conspicuous aspect of his “philosophy” has been that of conspiracy theories laced with anti-Semitism. In a 1978 article in the NCLC publication New Solidarity, LaRouche wrote, “Israel is ruled from London as a zombie-nation” and that Zionism is “the state of selective psychosis through which London manipulates most of the international Jewry.” In describing Zionism as “a hideous cult,” LaRouche went on to allege that the Nazis “only” killed “about a million and a half” Jews and asserted that Hitler had been put into power largely with the backing of certain Jewish financial interests.
    Continuing his anti-Semitic diatribe, LaRouche reflected the ancient anti-Semitic theme of decide, stating that “it was the Jewish Sadducees who crucified Christ.” LaRouche also described B’nai B’rith as “a treasonous conspiracy against the United States.” Finally, LaRouche declared that there was “a hard kernel of truth in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a notorious anti-Semitic forgery promulgated at the turn of the century by the Czarist secret police.
    In more recent years, LaRouche and his organization have published wild charges linking Israel, prominent Jews and Jewish organizations, particularly the ADL, to underworld conspiracies involving drug trafficking and political assassinations. LaRouche’s political writings also reflect a positive attitude toward Soviet policies and actions. For example, he has described as a “delusion” the idea that the Soviet leadership has ambitions of world domination. LaRouche has also opposed Poland’s Solidarity union, criticizing its supporters for being “so narrowly occupied with their hostility to Soviet hegemony.”

  6. oh, not to mention, two neo-nazi larouche followers firebombed my back porch in teaneck when my mom was serving on the governor’s council for holocaust education. so i think i know from where i speak.

  7. Ha, ha, ha. . . This is fun, I finally am going to respond to a nincompoop online! As a jew of Saphardic descent, I was amazed to find that it was LaRouche who was reviving the notion of the “Socrates of Berlin,” Moses Mendellsohn. Where would classical Germany, Bach, Beethoven, the poet of Freedom, Friedrich Schiller have come from. I am certain of my Universal Jewish roots because of the realization that the later Yiddish Renaissance (I.L. Peretz)was as a result of Mendelssohn. That is certainly left out of all of the criticisms of LaRouche. Another sign that someone is dredging up some kind of FBI slander. Kaestner, Lessing, Mendelssohn were in the circles of Ben Franklin as collaborators, that is the tradition of America that I’ve read FROM LaRouche. Hmmmm, I wonder if Dennis King (a true Golem) is seeping out from under a toilet. Kudos to Hertzberg for going to the real defender of the tradition of Y. Rabin AGAINST those, like Sharon, in the tradition of Vladimir “Hitler” Jabotinski. See for yourself.

  8. By the by,
    Maybe the good Rabbi meant that “I wasn’t aware that LaRouche was a fascist.” I mean if someone with mo1’s acumen can kabbalistically KNOW what LaRouche’s EIR was really asking, then he could KNOW that as well, . . .right?

  9. You know, like He doesn’t know LaRouche was a fascist, like Rabbi Hertzberg didn’t know HE was a fascist! But how do you know? Quick, as Rabbi H. See if he is a fascist mo1, he might be and then, what will the WJC, and the AJC think!

  10. mo1, are your initials DK or CB? Sure sounds like it. Why don’t we send folks to http://www.larouchein2004.com or invite them to hear LaRouche’s live webcast on Friday April 30, at 1400 Eastern Standard time (2000 Israeli time)? That way, they can decide which of us is telling the truth.

  11. by your own incoherent blathering, leyva, (and by your baseless accusations as to who i am, miriam) you clearly demonstrate why sane people do not support lyndon larouche. you are unwitting capos, or worse yet, willing accomplices in a plan aimed at your own destruction.
    more on larouche’s blatant antisemitism:
    here’s an article about a 22 year-old jewish larouche supporter who was killed by larouche-supporting nazis in germany last spring.

  12. say, do you work for Baronness Symones? You are bringing up slanders that are baseless and being deployed by friends of Dick Cheney and his Tony Blair cronies who don’t like the fact that LaRouche has exposed their desire for perpetual war, and that this is the best they come up with to change the subject. Why don’t you just answer the question on LaRouche: what is the basis for his idea of potential realative population density as the basis for a scientific INCREASE in the conditions of human existence, the developement of the education and the life expectancy, and the happiness of society? What is the basis for that? Why is it that 1500 US elected officials, hundreds of African, South American, European, Asian parliamentarians, former heads of state, mainstream religious leaders, civil rights activists (like the Great Amelia Boynton Robinson who brought MLK Jr. to Selma) all have put themselves on the record as asserting the character of LaRouche? Why is it that you and two or three other American Family Foundation and other organized crime-linked groups have this same slander that has been proven wrong? Why do you continue this, because you choose to attack rather than to engage in an actual discussion on what is the basis for healthy human civilization. Anyway, just for the record, answer something on LaRouche’s economics that I asked about above, maybe you can help me.

  13. why, rather than addressing these “allegations” are you changing the subject to larouche’s economic positions? i’m not interested in his economics–i’m not interested in him at all. you can say these things are “disproved” but you haven’t shown me so–you’ve simply said “oh, these people who quote larouche and show that he’s an antisemite, they’re just out to get him because they’re part of a conspiracy to silence him.” oh fucking please. take a hike already.

  14. mo1, if your initials aren’t DK or CB, it does sound as though you are taking masochistic delight in swimming in their sewage. The only slander that you haven’t yet puked out is the one about us killing cats. Nobody can ever ‘quote’ LaRouche’s anti-semitism, because he’s not an anti-semite. My daughter (who lived in Israel with Young Judea)asked me, ‘what’s wrong with these people? LaRouche’s organization is filled with Jews!’
    miriam ( [email protected] )

  15. just because an organization is filled with jews doesn’t mean that the positions advanced by its leaders aren’t antisemitic. all of those links had quotes from larouche’s own mouth.
    jabotinsky was a fascist–that doesn’t stop many jews from supporting his positions still today.
    it’s not my fault you’re a member of a scientology-like political cult which reinforces its own delusions in order to keep its initiates subdued.

  16. Oops. Correct time is 1300EST, 2000 Israeli. And one more comment on Arthur Hertzberg. Any rabbi with enough savvy to know that Netanyahu is more dangerous than Sharon, probably has enough savvy to know who LaRouche is.

  17. OK, let’s play your game one more impotent time
    . Any honest person will recognize the following documents of LaRouche’s impeccable character and honest: http://www.larouchein2004.net/exonerate.htm
    On the railroad against LaRouche:
    On the innocence of LaRouche: http://larouchein2004.net/exoneration/exon2.htm
    On the Many currently, formerly elected officials, religious leaders, trade unionist who recognize LaRouche’s quality character:
    Now, I do find it interesting that while you fling profanity and cast aspersions, that is your defense, yet, you cannot answer some simple question yourself, which shows a dishonesty in your method of argumentation. Is force the only weapon you have? Is pessimistic epithets (politicians lie. . .) the only thing that you have for truth? In mentioning Jabotinski, the point is the method you have employed heretofore is that heavy handedness. If you are honest, in your person, and you care about correcting fellow Jews errors, why not present a refutation of the ideas that I find reasonable rather than saying they have no meaning to you? I thought that the mission of Judaism– in light of the great persecution we have and continue to suffer– is to battle evil with love. Remember the words of the great Rabin, “by bringing water to the land, we can remove the sand from the desert, and the hate from the hearts” ? I am looking for that quality from you.
    By the way, LaRouche’s publication had a beautiful tribute to Rabin’s courage in November: http://www.larouchepub.com/eiw/private/2003/2003_40-49/2003-44/history.html
    And if that doesn’t work, then go here: http://www.larouchepub.com/eiw/public/2003/2003_40-49/2003-44/
    to the “This week in History” part at the bottom.

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