He's Coming…

JDub Records and Corner Prophets
in association with Avisar Savir Productions
are proud to present
The Hasidic Reggae Superstar
December 6 & 7, 10PM
at Barby
52 Kibbutz Galoyot (corner of Herzl)
Tel Aviv
(03) 518-8123
December 8 & 10, 10PM
at HaMabada (The Lab)
28 Derech Hevron
(02) 629-2000
Tickets on sale now at the box office!
For more information, visit matisyahu.org.

20 thoughts on “He's Coming…

  1. He was in London last night, but I have a really bad cold and I live far away from the venue so I had to stay at home…

  2. I love this guy, he recorded his first album “live at stubs” in my home town at my favorite bar and now my favorite radio station plays him … its just nice to have some more jewish influance in austin.

  3. his first album was “shake off the dust…arise.” “live at stubbs” is his follow-up concert recording. he’s about to drop his third release which was recorded in brooklyn.

  4. he kind of has a hard time hearing when he’s on stage. he recently started wearing a headset and hasn’t had as many issues since.

  5. What do you mean a headset. What kind of head set? Hopefully he can acheive some sort of balance with his band, so he doesn’t have trouble and he can get off of the the headset. But his problems are not limited to the stage, on both of his c.d’s he is also off pitch multiple times. I guess this time we can blame it on the sound engineer?

  6. ” he really does need some voice lessons”
    That was my 2nd thougth when I saw him on Kimmel (My 1st was: “Holy shit he’s good”).
    Just purchased Live at Stubb’s tonight.

  7. i don’t think it’s possible to mispronounce one’s own name. although that comment reminds me of when at one point in my fundamentalism class, we were discussing the founding of Agudat Israel, and one kid called it “AguDAT YisrrraEL” and the prof responded, “or, as they called it at the time, aGUdas yisROyel.”

  8. on which cd? his live cd or his studio cd? i never picked up on that on his studio disc. but yeah, i think he has a voice coach now too.

  9. I don’t want to go into the minutiae of his voice this or that etc; what matters is that he is very good, his songs are amazing, and seems to be a very nice guy too. I’m very sorry I missed it the other night. Hopefully this won’t be his last performance in London.

  10. a couple of weeks ago he was in Chicago, so i took my cousin and a friend to go see it. Uhh, great show, but completely different from what i expected. Though it was in a club, and you have to expect people smoking and drinking, i didn’t think it woud’ve been taht bad. not the point though. anyway, i saw some guys from my shul (which is a lubavitch shul by the way) and started speaking with them (one of them drives the Mitzvah tank of Chicago). After they left, I was able to get out of the crowd and unknowingly sneek into the VIP. the guard saw me decked out in suit and hat and tzitzis and pointed me to the VIP, where i got so close to meeting Matisyahu but unforunately lucked out when the backstage people said his voice hurt. anyway, matisyahu is the best and may his music be a blessing and promote the coming of moshiach.

  11. “I don’t want to go into the minutiae of his voice ”
    Ok, N. Maybe if he were a drummer, but he is a singer, so it’s not really all that minute of a point. It is pretty important for singer’s to be on pitch, I mean you would’nt think a cello player was very good if he hit flat notes through sonanta or something. And Dan, I have both of his c.d’s (and he was off pitch in both of them) That said, I ob. like his music He has talent, I never contested that.

  12. Yo get ready for the Original JEWmaican BennyBwoy. The original Jewish Reggae singer dating back to the late eighties. In the studio & getting ready to drop the new stylez in 2006. Blessed!!!!

  13. >
    he may be ‘off pitch’ but i actualy like it. i personaly think it give a more emotional dimention to the music. i loooove his voice. but that may just be me. ^.^

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