Hey baby, wanna wrestle?

All of which is not to say that Zionism was inherently unjust, a flawed movement from the start. Nor it is to claim that Israel is a state born in sin and destined for oblivion, undeserving of our support and recognition. But a relationship with Israel and the Zionism that birthed it must include a wrestling with the moral and political calculations inherent in its history, and their impact on the Judaism Theodor Herzl sought to save. Wrestling With Zion, in that context, is a major contribution to Jewish American thought on the subject.

Brad Pilcher discusses Tony Kushner’s new anthology Wrestling with Zion in this week’s Jewsweek. We’ll be having in interblog discussion about the book sometime next week, involving Brad, Jewschool, and Protocols. Be sure to pick up a copy to join us in the comment threads.

One thought on “Hey baby, wanna wrestle?

  1. “thw judaism Hertzl wanted to save”?! His goal in creating a jewish state was the dissolution of judaism, not it’s preservation.

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