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Hillel takes action w/Guster, JDub, and all of Los Angeles

In college? Like the beach and warm weather in November? November 12 (conveniently timed to coincide with the GA), join Hillel, JDub, and more than 1,000 other students for JUST For a Day, to take to the streets and beaches of Los Angeles for a one-day social-justice blitz that will make a difference in lives of Angelinos.
The day culminates with a FREE show by Guster and The LeeVees at the Henry Fonda Theater.

Meet students from all over the west coast, volunteer your time and learn about the issues affecting LA. Organizations with volunteer opportunities include:
P.A.T.H. (People Assisting the Homeless)
Heal the Bay
Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
Venice Family Clinic
Beit T’shuvah
Downtown Women’s Center
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Buses will be traveling to/from the following Hillel’s:
USC, UC IRVINE, UC RIVERSIDE, UCLA, CSUN, SD State, UCSD, UC Berkeley, UCSB, Long Beach, Occidental, Claremont, and UofA. For more information and to register check out JUST For a Day
JDub doesn’t often get the opportunity to produce FREE events, and we’re particularly excited for this one. See you there.

5 thoughts on “Hillel takes action w/Guster, JDub, and all of Los Angeles

  1. UCLB? dis they mean to write CSU Long Beach? cuz there is no such thing as UCLongBeach.. i know this because i go to school there.

  2. you gotta start somewhere. i think its a big deal that Hillel’s investing in this kind of project to grab a wide scope of college students. i hear you, one day isn’t enough, but its a start

  3. Sure, start somewhere, but dont frame it as “just for a day” meaning. “Don’t worry, this will not require a major commitment from you, its just for a day”. Im not against a day of service, just against framing it this way.

  4. i went on it, and it was actually meant to show us the kind of impact we could make “just for a day” so that we’d be inspired to do more… sort of like imagining how much more we could do with many more of those kinds of days. it was amazing.

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