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Hip Hop, Rural Jews, and Church-State Separation- Go Vote!

The ever-fabulous JA just sent out this email about a rabbi friend in rural America. Please listen and then go vote!

Hi friends,
I would love for you to take a minute and go to Babaganewz to support something small but important. My friend L serves [a tiny rural town] where Jews are an extremely rare breed. When a nativity scene was put up in the public square last Christmas, L wrote a letter to the local newspaper about the importance of separation of church and state. In response, there was a huge public outcry in support of the nativity scene and against L.
Her religious school has entered a Jewish hip-hop contest on the theme of achdut [unity], and their rap, telling the true story of what happened […] last Christmas, is now a national finalist. Please go to Babaganewz and listen to Song F, then vote for it!
(I also happened to think it is by far the best entry.) For kids in a place [this town] who have literally no connection to any other Jews, winning a contest like this would really mean a lot, and could potentially go a long way towards keeping them connected to the Jewish people in the long term, along with helping them to see their rabbi as a role model in celebrating Jewish identity and uniqueness in small town America.

Thanks, and enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Hip Hop, Rural Jews, and Church-State Separation- Go Vote!

  1. as a yid who grew up in a small town, and who still lives in a town with a small jewish community, i felt this. mad love to whoever wrote this.
    i don’t think y’all peeps up in NYC could really understand. In most small towns speaking out against mixture of church and state, esp. when you’re a Jew, is like asking to be beat up. Trust me, been there, tried to fight that fight…you wouldn’t believe the kind of intimidation you encounter.
    Back in my town, xtian prayer and scripture were done of the loudspeaker at graduation (among other occasions). At the time I attended the school, I was advised by fellow Jews not to “rock the boat” about it, so I shut my mouth and played the “good” Jew.
    Of course enough about me. I could go on and on. But seriously, mad props to my fellow small town Jew.
    There should be some kind of network for small town Jews, for support.

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