Hitler, meet eBay

For those who saw the ridiculous 2002 film Max you know that before Hitler was an evil dictator, he was a struggling artist shunned by a Jewish art dealer. (The film even goes so far as to make the wild claim that if only the Jewish art dealer would’ve been more open-minded about Hitler’s art, the entire Holocaust never would’ve happened.) In any event, four of Adolf’s sketches (including two Christmas cards) will be auctioned off on July 19th in Montreal. We expect those sketches will fetch a pretty penny so, if you’re still in the market for a Hitler auction, you may want to try the Old-Style Cast-Iron Hitler Skunk Paperweight Figurine which is selling on eBay.
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5 thoughts on “Hitler, meet eBay

  1. Did you see the movie? It wasn’t about that at all. It presented hitler as inarticulate, sexually frustrated, and confused, and not a very good artist. The only time he ever painted anything with life in it was when he dipicted his skinhead fantasies. Nobody was shocked Max rejected him.

  2. You couldn’t find more clever way to introduce the Hitler auction than by bashing and totally misinterpreting a really entertaining well-made film? Max nutures Hitler’s “talent.” He accepts Hitler’a art and sponsors a show for him. It’s only by a virtually Shakespearian twist of fate that all goes wrong (Max is beaten by Antisemitic thugs spurred-on by one of Hitler’s own speeches, and can’t make their meeting). The movie makes no claim that the Holocaust happened cuz of a Jew. It blames Hitler in full. Now, I’m not an apologist for Hitler, just the film. It’s a fantasy, a what-if. It never claims to be factual. Maybe you should see a film before you bash it.

  3. Benny, you would be better off claiming you didn’t see the film but some over-zealous editor forced you to write something anyway. Your review reads like a high schoolers trying to write a film review of something he didn’t see.
    Max is NOT a true story as you claim. The Jewish art dealer never existed. And the character spends the whole film encouraging Hitler to reach inside and create something great. The film never suggests the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened if the art dealer had acted differently.
    That’s just something a high school kid who didn’t see the film might assume. Your comments on the film are remarkably sophomoric.

  4. Yeah, sorry. But, I have to chime in here as well. Ben, your review really comes off like you have more issues with Hitler being in a film at all than dealing with how the film presented him. You really seem to just chuck the films ideas for your own, whioch are mostly personal issues, as far as I can see.
    Not really a film review at all to be honest. You get a number of facts incorrect, as Shylock points out, and you seemed to have entirely missed the point of Max being more a metaphorical “what if” than anything else.
    You should really think less of how a film makes you feel and how it pissed you off and more about what it is attempting to SAY. Because it comes off as less a review and more of a hit job.
    Was the film good? Not particularly. But, you don’t hit on a single reason as to why it wasn’t good.
    Dig a little deeper than your own angst towards Hitler being in a film at all.

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