Hitler reacts to SOPA

Parodies of The Downfall, a German dramatization of the end of Adolf Hitler’s reign, have been used to protest everything from football loses to Rebecca Black. Here in the Jewish community, the roughly 5-minute footage has been used to protest parking in Tel Aviv, the worrying spread of kiddush clubs, and even housing prices in Israel.
Of special importance to all of us in online content creation, Hitler now screams at the inanity of the SOPA and PIPA bills presently under protest by Wikipedia, Google, Reddit and other sites. Learn more and contact your Congresspersons here.

3 thoughts on “Hitler reacts to SOPA

  1. After the Spanish Inquisition didn’t allow Jewish People from Portugal to go to New Amsterdam (New York) You Fled to Newport Rhode Island. Aka: Massive Trans Atlantic Slave Port. Were the Captains of these ships Jewish? I think you know the answer. Jews also caused lots of suffering to Africans, most in secret that they were Jewish, So yes all cultures have caused suffering on others including Jews. Holocaust was minor compared to the Years of Enslavement of Irish (whites) and West Africans, not to mention the Monopoly on Hollywood or Television you all have, therefore, I’m an anti semite right? George Washington was told before his presidency when he visited Newport Rhode island to leave Jews alone. … Sorry thought you needed to hear the truth.
    Jewish people Hide behind white people and blame them for things, where more people should be educated on these facts that Jews are snakes!!

  2. Scott,
    What does your comment have to do with SOPA and PIPA? Or Hitler-based parodies? Or was it really just an excuse for you to blanket accusations at an entire people of being “snakes”? The fact that there were Jewish captains of trans-Atlantic slave ships a) does not mean that “Jews are snakes,” nor does it mean that Jews are responsible for the trans-Atlantic slave trade, which it seems you’re insinuating.
    What’s more, and in no way should any person ever minimize the impact of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. But, to say the “Holocaust was minor compared to the Years of Enslavement of Irish (whites) and West Africans” is a pretty strange statement. The trans-Atlantic slave trade began in the 15th century and lasted until the 19th century. It is completely impossible to estimate or even come close to estimated the total death toll from battles, raids, transport, disease and enforced labor. However, if we figure that an estimated 20 million slaves were transported out of West Africa or died in the ports, over the course of four centuries, this is a tragic and horrifying example of human atrocity, no doubt. But just consider for a moment the reality that around 15 million people were killed and almost half of those were Jews and a huge percentage were murdered by an advanced technological systematic endeavor, and all of this in no more than 5 years; 90% of the Jewish population of Poland was eradicated; almost 3 million Jews were killed across Europe in 1942 alone — that is one year.
    So, rather than compare human atrocities, let us rather simply acknowledge that human atrocity is just that, atrocious.
    Sorry, just thought you needed to hear the truth.

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