Hitler wants to join the Kiddush Club

Two things you might not be aware of:
The Hitler’s last days video meme, where people put their own subtitles over a riveting scene of a German film about Hitler’s last days.
And Kiddush Clubs. If the interwebs are to be believed, a major issue facing the orthodox world today is Kiddush Clubs, an insidious type of gathering that causes otherwise decent Jewish men to flee during the sermon and drink scotch together all clandestine-like.
And now, thanks to the Purimtastic efforts of the Kiddush Club of Mount Sinai, these two phenomena have come together:

h/t Frum Satire

4 thoughts on “Hitler wants to join the Kiddush Club

  1. Gevalt, these nudniks to SAVE herring, and Khas veSholem think it’s dafke a part of heaven? Oy!
    True heaven is Dolma and Araq.

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