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Holiday PR brainstorming ideas gone awry

Jones soda, which produces some normally pretty tasty flavors, and which I normally like for their failure to use High Fructose Corn Syrup, has apparently decided that all press is good press, and all flavors are good flavors. For the winter holiday season this year they have impartially produced (respectively) a Christmas and a Chanukah soda flavors pack.
The Christmas flavors include Christmas Ham Soda, Christmas Tree Soda, Egg Nog Soda and Sugar Plum Soda; the Chanuka flavors Latke Soda, Apple Sauce Soda, Chocolate Coins Soda and Sufganiya, which they call “Jelly Doughnut Soda.”
I note that they have decided that it would be amusing to horrify one’s friends by allowing observant Jews to snarf ham flavored soda at their Chanuka parties by making it kosher. SInce it is not yet Thanksgiving, this is at least an episode of Christmas creep, although I note with relief that at least they did not bring it out before Halloween. Shopping at a number of stores this year, I found myself inundated by rows of red and green items and Christmas carols (Which, by and large, I detest) before the end of October. Significantly before. I expect before the end of the decade to stock up on earplugs before August begins.
xp Kol Ra’ash Gadol

6 thoughts on “Holiday PR brainstorming ideas gone awry

  1. Here in Israel, we have Chanukah creep. Sufganiyot have been in the stores for a while. I think the season starts here on the 7th of Cheshvan, even if it doesn’t start in the US until December 4.

  2. Ham flavored soda?
    I think it’s appropriate to add that I recently found a bacon cheese flavor cracker at Wal-Mart which is kosher. It baffled me so much that I had to take a picture because I figured no one would believe me. Oh and it’s not certified as dairy, so not only does it contain no bacon, but it apparently doesn’t contain cheese either. I find that interesting from a bacon cheese flavored cracker.

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