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Holocaust group to YouTube: Pull down "Hitler can't find a parking spot" parody

Another fantastically hilarious and utterly sinful example of the Israeli sense of humor at work. Someone took a scene from a film about Hitler and imposed Hebrew subtitles ranting about the lack of parking spaces in Tel Aviv. It was then translated into English (below). A Holocaust survivors group had demanded that YouTube take it down due to offensiveness. They might as well demand that Israelis not make Holocaust jokes. Who, you all know, tell the very best/worst Holocaust jokes in the world.

7 thoughts on “Holocaust group to YouTube: Pull down "Hitler can't find a parking spot" parody

  1. This is amazing stuff! THey also have one where they ban him from the Internet! I love these advocacy groups that tell me where to find good movies late at night!

  2. for serious. i loves me some Holocaust jokes.
    what’s worse though–and here i go with the always over-analyzing–is that the Holocaust/Nazi movie has become such a ridiculous Hollywood trope that any story really loses its meaning as such because most of these movies are basically standing in for the writer/director’s grasping for “The Biggest Moral Quandary I Can Think Of” or “The Evillest People Doing The Worstest Things” or whatever.
    at core it’s a deeply offensive thing–the genocide of the Jews, Roma, queers, dissidents, etc., reduced to a celluloid cipher for the biggest baddest human problems, whatever they are. we can’t go to the movies without potentially being retraumatized, filmically targeted as it were. perversely the trauma becomes universal, a lens to which all kinds of stories and ideas have claim. you don’t see people making dozens of movies about the Rwandan or Armenian genocides, and their immeasurable depth as settings for meditation on tragedy/evil/loss/redemption/the soul…
    some would say, it’s Hollywood! run by jews! but i think it’s worse than that–sure, the stuff sells, but so does all other kinds of obscenely violent drivel that no one really likes. perhaps by promoting Our Genocide as the biggest and baddest we have inadvertently offered it up as a mass cultural product that others have claim to?
    but really: someone as doofy-looking as Hitler is obviously a joke. the ‘stache? the hair? the glasses? please, son, Chaplin had no distance to go.

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