9 thoughts on “Honor roll

  1. The cover story is that he’s a middle-aged Canadian who seems to have made aliyah in order to get into the army and have a very freudian relationship with his guns…

  2. What does the Jewschool crowd think of the PA official who thinks Israel ended the attacks on Gaza too early, that having Hamas in power is bad for Jews and Palestinians?

  3. And if you’re sad that you weren’t on that list, maybe check this one. I’ve connected with many a rad Jew over our inclusion on this list. I wonder if the site-owner realizes that he’s actually helping to demarginalize lefties by showing how many of us there are! Just saying…
    “Self-Hating and/or Israel-Threatening” (SHIT) List

  4. I tried looking at HolyOly’s link and it was blocked by a web filter as “Intolerance and Hate.”
    I have mixed feelings about giving these kinds of people air time…

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