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Hooters in the Holy Land

Reuters reports,

U.S. restaurant chain Hooters, known for waitresses in low-cut blouses and short skirts, will open its first branch in Israel this summer, in the Mediterranean seaside city of Tel Aviv.
“I strongly believe that the Hooters concept is something that Israelis are looking for,” Ofer Ahiraz, who bought the Hooters franchise for Israel, told Reuters on Monday. “Hooters can suit the Israeli entertainment culture.”
At Hooters, scantily clad waitresses the company calls Hooters Girls serve spicy chicken wings, sandwiches, seafood and drinks.
Ahiraz said a specific location in Tel Aviv, Israel’s most cosmopolitan city, had yet to be chosen, but he said it would not open restaurants near large religious populations, and they would not be kosher.

“They would not be kosher.” Understatement of the year.
Looks like Hooters is also planning to open in Dubai.
Full story here.

14 thoughts on “Hooters in the Holy Land

  1. I don’t know, I really don’t see the Hooters concept being “something that Israelis are looking for.” It doesn’t seem like it would fly at all.

  2. Despite the propaganda so rampant amongst American Jews, not all Arabic societies are hotbeds fundamentalist oppression of anything remotely Western or non-Islamic. In fact, visit Dubai on Christmas or Diwali — it’s quite the scene of festivities. Imagine seeing Santa running around the Old City.
    It happens in Dubai.
    Dubai is about as Western as one gets East of Yerushalim.
    Hooters will be packed and raved about in Dubai.
    [email protected]

  3. Rob,
    You’re right. Al Qaeda, Michael Jackson, Haliburton, Santa Claus and Hooters make a fine medley of contemporary Western civ. Dubai truly must rock.

  4. Trust me, i’m no fan of Dubai and its consumerist, unbridled ways.
    But, neither am i any fan of stereotyping.
    Reality matters.
    And just FYI…
    Many, many, many American & Western cities have contained or do presently house the following elements, too, some much worse: “Al Qaeda, Michael Jackson, Haliburton, Santa Claus and Hooters
    Stereotypes destroy communication and inhibit understanding.
    And we all know where that leads, or so i hope.

  5. Rob: you said “Many, many, many American & Western cities have contained or do presently house … Al Qaeda.”
    I’d like to hear you elaborate on that some more. I always thought that was merely a product of “the propaganda so rampant amongst American Jews” or something.

  6. I’m curious how long it will be before the waitresses in Dubai get assaulted by Muslim fundies; but maybe I’m a pessimist.

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