Hot Frum Sex in the NYC

The NY Observer reports,

Visitors trolling for casual sex on Craigslist.org last week were left scratching their heads over an unfamiliar reference that has surfaced in a flurry of recent postings.

“I keep seeing this term ‘Frum.’ Can somebody please clue me into what the hell that is?” wrote Jeff, a 30-year-old regular on the site.

Geez, why can’t people just use Frumster for their casual sex hookups like everyone else does? (c/o Protocols)

15 thoughts on “Hot Frum Sex in the NYC

  1. dave, not to be a total cock, but since ben baruch is my friend, i have to ask, does it bother you at all that you’ve completely jacked shabot’s format for your comic strip, and that yours isn’t even funny?

  2. Come on Mobius, what is wrong with jack and his comic strip – there’s even a comment from Ben saying he likes it.
    Shit, next time you’ll be saying that no one can do rap music, cause Run DMC did it.

  3. i’m sorry, but the whole thing — black and white upper body shots, one religious guy and one weird character w/punchlines, the layout with the explaination of jewish terms at the bottom — the whole thing is a rip off, and i’m sorry to say, i have yet to laugh from one strip. i’m not big for intellectual property, but i am big for creativity and originality. to mimick a cartoon that just came out almost to a t is just plain theft. ben may be flattered, but i’m totally put off by it.
    james — if you made an album that was an exact copy of run dmc’s album — the beats, the design, the rap style — and the lyrics weren’t nearly as good, i’d say you were a biter, and a whack ass mc. and so would any other mc with have an ounce of dignity.

  4. Obviously someone is not sorry.
    Dude, if you don’t like it, fine. Just please don’t bad
    mouth it. I check out your site all the time, and I like it. I dont go ranting about you copying stuff off another site if I saw it there first.

  5. Ripoff eh?
    I’ve seen both strips now, and while
    Ben Baruch’s Shabot may have been first and created the format, the Shakoyach strip is a far cry from ripoff (whether it’s funny or not is a wholly subjective matter).
    James hit the nail on the head when he used
    his rap metaphor, but there are many more instances that can back him. For example, the original comic strips that appeared in the newspapers all used a similar format, which
    are still being built on today.
    George Herriman’s Krazy Kat strip wasn’t a
    knockoff of Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland, even though Winsor was there first and established a lot of the format and surrealist landscapes that would allow George to take a good idea and run with it, giving it his own unique spin.
    Bill Waterson’s Calvin and Hobbes is a descendant of Krazy Kat, and he has mentioned its
    influence on him, and his style. Other examples range to Frank Cho’s Liberty Meadows a direct descendant of strips like Walt Kelly’s Pogo. There would be no Peanuts without the Katzenjammer Kids setting the prescedent in having chidren, adults can relate to. There would be no Bizzaro without The Far Side. There are more examples just within comic
    strips, let alone comic books, animation, motion pictures,radio, and television.
    Was the Flinstones a knockoff of the Honeymooners? Disney’s Silly Symphonies a ripoff of Warner’s Merrie Melodies? Or the Animaniacs knockoffs of the Marx Bros? J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter jacking Neil Gaiman’s Books of Magic? Without the Simpsons there would have been no Family Guy, and the similarities between those two shows are incredible, but they are surely different animals. Bands like the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin (let’s not even touch the indesputable far reaching influence of the Beatles) are directly responsible for bands like Aerosmith and Ac/Dc, but even they grew from the old delta blues players, and while they built on an idea or sound they are all distinctly different. There wouldn’t be a Salvador Dali without a Pablo Picasso. The list is near infinite.
    Ideas don’t just happen. They are an evolutionary process built on by great pioneers, but even the pioneers didn’t just appear.
    Ben Baruch deserves the credit in being the
    first and the originator of a great idea, no one is trying to take that away from him. But Shakoyach is distinctly different, it can be seen in the expressions of the characters alone. It is imperitive to give credit where credit is due, but it’s greedy and destructive not to allow someone else to build on a wonderful concept using their own voice.

  6. Shkoyach Max. Well put. That’s like an essay-level dismemberment of moby’s err… critique. But trust me. I have a sneaking suspicion that he’s going to be decidedly less cranky for the next ten days or so. We shall see ….
    Wait a minit. Where was moby posting from? Yo moby – aren’t you supposed to be in T&A?

  7. i’m sorry, i’m content to disagree with you all. but i am also sorry for being such a snarky bastard.
    dave, tonight in TA.

  8. I think it’s a rip-off. Over the line of “inspired by” and “borrowed from.” Just like the Flintstones ripped-off the Honeymooners. The only new dimension added is prehistoric puns. The world wouldn’t be any worse off without the Flintstones.

  9. Time will show which is funnier and which is more creative. If “Sh’koyach” has any true value, the future won’t be able to differentiate which came first.

  10. yeah, but its not like its a competition or anything. they’re both just trying to put something out. max is totally right. you guys should chill.

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