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Household Lighting Accessories….You Can Eat!

There simply is no limit to Israeli ingenuity.
A hat tip to Israel @ LG for turning me on (no pun intended) to something I had never even thought of before.

Edible lampshades.

Shuli Levin’s lampshades look so good you could almost eat them. But rather than cultivate the squash-like gourds that grow outside his studio in Bnei Zion, a moshav north of Ra’anana, for food, the intrepid Israeli industrial designer transforms their fibers into hip, cutting-edge eye candy for the home.
A graduate of Tel Aviv’s Ascola School of Design, Levin launched Studio Shulime (Studio on the Fringes) in 2003, staunchly adhering to the principles of sustainable design: recycling, reuse of materials and reducing the amount of virgin material needed for the production of his light fixtures and furniture.
“There is such a thing as positive consumption,” Levin told ISRAEL21c. “I want to return a sense of environmental awareness to Israel.”

Can’t help but love the sentiment, and the lampshades don’t look half bad either.
“You’ll never believe what they’re doing with squash these days!”

One thought on “Household Lighting Accessories….You Can Eat!

  1. Shalom,
    I am interested in finding out where to purchase these gourd lampshades by Shuli Levin. Can anyone please direct me to the appropriate website/contact?
    Todah rabah,

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