How big is the Jewish tent?

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What: A community workshop and open conversation hosted by Young, Jewish, and Proud NYC
When: Sunday, May 27, 3-5 PM
Where: The 14th Street Y Jewish Community Center, 344 E 14th St, NYC
How big is the Jewish tent? Across the US, Jewish communal institutions are restricting what young Jews CAN and CANNOT discuss when it comes to our relationship to Israel. But YOUNG JEWISH, & PROUD NYC believes that a strong Jewish community needs space to wrestle with difficult issues like Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israeli human rights violations.
That’s why we’re bringing GO & LEARN, a workshop of open and honest conversation about the BDS movement, straight to Jewish spaces across the country.
This Shavuot, a holiday traditionally spent in study, we will challenge silencing and celebrate the Jewish tradition of free inquiry. This is an opportunity to explore a controversial issue on Israel/Palestine through facilitated conversations and text studies. We invite you to join us whether you have never heard of the BDS movement, know a little about it, or actively oppose it.
In honor of Shavuot, we will also be eating some traditional Ashkenazi dairy TREATS!
The 14th Street Y is most easily reached by the L train’s 1st Ave. stop. Upon arrival, tell the front desk that you are there for the “Go and Learn” event.
Please RSVP, or direct any questions to Carolyn at [email protected].

3 thoughts on “How big is the Jewish tent?

  1. Event postings do not constitute endorsement by Jewschool or contributors.
    Does jewschool always make this disclaimer? I don’t remember seeing it a lot before.

  2. 1. Why are all of JVP’s cool events done by the youth wing? Seems incredibly ageist. Looky here young folk: ain’t nothing new under the sun. You got nothing on Elmer Berger. Or Lenni Brenner.
    2. In answer to the question you pose above, the size of the Jewish tent is closely related to where you are standing. Right where you are? It aaaaalmost goes that far. Thank you for standing there!

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