14 thoughts on “How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power

  1. Bush’s father fought the nazis. So according to you, his Dad was helping his nazis while his son was fighting them? At least we know the liberals are helping the terrorists.

  2. Ok he fought the Japanese Army. The same army that massacred 30 million Chinese people. And the Japanese were allies with the Nazis. So in my eyes they were one in the same. He did more to free and liberate people than your ass will ever do. And Bush’s father-in-law did fight the Nazis and he did free Concentration camps. Let’s see what John Kerry’s father did. Oh yes he killed himself and hid his Judaism as much as possible because he hated himself. I know what gene pool I’m going for.
    W – The President

  3. Yes the Poles were assholes to Jews in WWII. But you can’t blame a modern democratic government for the land squatting done in the turmoil of WW2. What is the Polish government going to do, kick out 10% of the Polish population from their homes and tell them to pay rent to Ira Feinberg in West Palm Beach County? Give me a break. Sometimes these things go a little too far.

  4. you sir, lou, are an idiot of the highest order. I guess you know nothing about the Claims Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany and the World Restitution Organization. I also don’t think you know about how survivors of the Holocaust haven’t got the money for health care in their old age because when they were kids, the Poles and the Germans stole everything they had.
    They don’t kick 10% of the Poles out of the country.
    They give you back either a fraction of the value of the property they stole from us, like they did when the wall came down in East Germany.
    It is clear you are completely uninformed and I suggest very strongly that you get yourself an education. Check out the claims conference on the net.
    Are they controversial? You bet. You American Jews want to steal the survivors money for yourselves. A bunch of us 2Gs are gonna try to put a stop to that once and for all. You American Jews have looted the survivors long enough.
    And we don’t like it one iota. That stuff was STOLEN from my mother and others like her and it belongs to her. George W Bush had no right to pay his mercenaries with my mother’s blood money.

  5. Jeanette:
    “You American Jews want to steal the survivors money for yourselves. A bunch of us 2Gs are gonna try to put a stop to that once and for all. You American Jews have looted the survivors long enough.”
    You’ve just slandered five million Jews. Are you sure you’re the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, and not the daughter of a Holocaust perpetrator?

  6. j, that’s just fuckin’ foul. what a horrible, horrible thing for you to say. if you want to make a point about her misdirecting anger or using a too wide brush that’s one thing. to suggest that her parents (ie., my grandparents) were nazis because you don’t like what she has to say? what does that make you? clearly no better than her in this situation, and actually, much worse.
    futher, my mother (jeanette) may not be exactly tactful, but she’s essentially right. if you saw the proposals the ujc and its partners put forth for the use of holocaust restitution funds you’d be sickened. or at least, if you were a decent human being, i’d hope you would be.
    but considering you just accused my grandparents of being nazis… perhaps you wouldn’t be.

  7. Obviously, I wasn’t accusing or suggesting that your grandparents were Nazis. My comment had nothing to do with your grandparents. The point I was making was that statements like “You American Jews…” are the statements of an anti-semite (no rule that a Jew can’t be an anti-semite). Being the daughter of a Holocaust survivor is no excuse. I’m not surprised or upset about your strong reaction to my post, because after all this is your mother, and it’s only natural for you to try to defend her. However, if it was anyone else’s mother who posted what she did, you’d be among the first to denounce her. What she said was far beyond “using too wide a brush” and “not tactful”. Excusing “misdirected anger” would be to excuse all of the other anti-semites. If you want to get a handle on this, ask a friend to review this thread honestly and objectively, and tell you what he thinks.
    Regarding Holocaust restitution funds, I express no opinion because I don’t know enough about it. You may be right about it; I don’t know. What I do know is that no matter how bad it is, the wrongdoing is confined to only the tiniest fraction of the five million American Jews. To accuse American Jews as a group, and to accuse them of thievery and looting (a classic anti-semitic canard), and to do so on a public forum like this, lending ammunition to all the anti-semites out there – THAT’S fuckin’ foul.
    I’ll leave the question of my decency to others, but in my defense I will say that at least I’m not an anti-semite.
    Between your mother’s opinions of American Jews and your constant barrage of slander towards Israel’s Jews, I’m wondering – are there any Jews your family likes?

  8. It is exactly this kind of discourse that made me go Republican.
    Congrats, Mobius-you are doing exactly what the rest of the Left is doing: driving normal people to vote Bush because frankly, you people scare the living shit out of everyone else.
    Stop the accusations and family tree-bashing and get to the bottom line: why the hell should a Jew consider voting for Kerry?

  9. Mobius:
    I happen to be with J on this one. I believe your mother went to far. As an American Jew who has never tried to take advantage of any survivors, but has tried to learn from them, I was more than slightly offended by your mothers comments. You defended here like you should, but even you should be able to admit that what she said can be, and is, offensive to a lot of fellow Jews.
    Additionally, while I am not completely sure I agree with how purplehazee put the comments in their post, I tend to agree with the ideas behind them. Some of the positions you tend to take(and others of the extreme left), push those of us who are closer to the middle, much further to the right as a way to distance ourselves from you. It isn’t that your positions are wrong, they are just extreme and stated in a very frightening way.

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