How does he do it?

Casting an eye on the subject of Ali G’s antics, Slate asks,

How can so many supposedly media-savvy operators—even members of the intelligence community—still be so easily fooled? Don’t these people have assistants with subscriptions to HBO or, at the very least, access to the outside world? These questions represent more than idle curiosity. Ali G managed just two seasons in Britain before being forced stateside to seek more gullible guests. A third season has yet to be scheduled here, and fans like me want to know if his techniques could possibly work one more time.

Insert obligatory Barnum reference here.

2 thoughts on “How does he do it?

  1. I don’t think it’ll be a big deal. He’ll find something new to do in studio, and make a couple of new characters. Besides, thank G-d we have a plentiful supply of gullible people in the world.

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