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How Jews Eat

If MyJewishLearning‘s first mini-documentary, How Jews Look, caused a bit of a stir, well, this one is sure to hit home for even more people. It investigates what might be among the things both loved most fully and debated most passionately among all things Jewish in the world: food.

Featuring the frontperson of everyone’s favorite JTS-based band, JamDaven, as well as the mind behind everyone’s favorite non-kosher deli, Lansky’s…and some other good folks as well. We loved how much people had to say about the last video, and believe me, we’ve taken it to heart — and we really do want to hear what you have to say about it. So feel free to hit us up.

3 thoughts on “How Jews Eat

  1. There is a sense of intentionality in Jewish eating. Or at least there should be. It’s good to recognize how fortunate we are to eat so well and to give thought to what goes into our bodies. All of these people, in some way or another, THINK about the food they eat. They nosh, but even for the deli owner noshing is a ritual.
    I really like these MJL videos. Every time a new one comes out I watch it multiple times.

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