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How Likud Wins Elections

JPost reports,

A group of 20 Likud activists reportedly ambushed and attacked a group of 5-6 Labor activists on Sunday at the Azur Junction in the Negev.
Labor Chairman Amir Peretz was touring the Negev at the time.
According to a Labor spokesman, the Likudniks, who had apparently laid in wait near the junction, ambushed the Labor group and attacked them with knives and baseball bats. The Laborites managed to flee in their cars, but were pelted with stones, which caused damage to the cars.
No one was injured in the incident.

Full story.
It’s so nice to see that old Betar brownshirt spirit alive and well in the 21st century!

4 thoughts on “How Likud Wins Elections

  1. Although the incident was quickly condemned by election officials, one Labor Party official added that it felt “a bit more normal” for the campaigning season.
    “Maybe it means that people are starting to get more excited about the elections,” said the official.

    wow, really? Damn, maybe those fools with the “Bush IsReal” signs by the shul in Palm Beach could’ve been worse.

  2. Dan, two comments posted at the end of that story:
    “A high percentage of the workers who put up posters for the various parties are NOT volunteers, but paid people often from the fringes of society, Sometimes they will get into a fight over who gets precedence at a certain location. This has nothing to do with ideology or politics, frequently the workers don’t even vote for the parties they are working for. This is a non-story.”
    “So Amir Peretz is touring the Negev and out of the clear blue sky his followers come under attack by Likud activists. Mr. Peretz then goes on to make some muddled comments about economics and the Negev, meets with another loser, Amram Mitzna, and declares, a la ben Gurion, that the Negev is the future. Are we being taken for a ride or what?”
    Think there’s any truth to one of these?

  3. Everyone get ready for the post election rematch… the World Zionist Congress
    According to a friend of mine who was a delagate last time Betar / Herut / Right wing party activists regularly vented their frustrations with not being the only zionist viewpoint through physical violence at progressive / left-wing / moderate party activists. My friend had the bruises to prove it.
    Fortunately, this lefty is no pasaficst… if throw’s a punch at me he’ll find out why the palmach and the kibbutzim turned out some of the best commandos in Israel’s history… or i’ll curl up in a ball and cry… depends on my mood. 😉

  4. Of course, the Labourites hanging posters illegally at an intersection (or tearing down those of the other parties) are much better than some violent hooligans.
    Oh, where does the ordinary Israeli likud activist buy baseball bats in Israel?

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