How NOT to Identify with Your Judaism

Street magician David Blaine has raised some curious eyebrows with his new tattoo—the number of an Auschwitz survivor on his arm.

Blaine tells Ian Spiegelman in today’s Page Six, “I was in Paris reading [Primo Levi’s Survival in Auschwitz] and he mentions his number. The second I read that, I was so moved that I ran into a tattoo place to get it.” Oy. Is there a Yiddish word for the act of shaking one’s head, other than gevalt?

“It’s the most amazing book I ever read,” said Blaine. “He told the story in a very truthful, unbiased way.” Yuh huh.

For his next act, Blaine intends to suspend himself in a glass box over the River Thames for 44 days without any sustenance but water. Maybe he’s just going for that “authentic” Holocaust look.

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