11 thoughts on “How sweet…

  1. you want to see jacked content? compare jdubrecords.org with glattkosherrecords.com! read the left hand column of both sites

  2. I don’t think you have anything to worry about biz, they seem like clowns, some kids from St. L. And it’s the same old rip off schlock you get from the likes of 50 shekel, not fresh. But fire a shot a cross the bow. Send a letter from your lawyer- your site content is copyrighted, right?

  3. hey seem like clowns, some kids from St. L Hey, good point: from Ville St-Laurent? Then they must be clowns! Speaking personally, I mean. But fire a shot a cross the bow. Send a letter from your lawyer Now, on the topic of clowns …

  4. also, we operate under creative commons .. you can republish our stuff, you just gotta give us credit and make it freely copyable w/that credit intact.

  5. For the record, I’m not involved with Hillel Montreal.
    (With regard to Creative Commons, it’s a weird problem: if all they’re doing is using your site as an easy repository for links, what would they give credit for — none of the content is sourced to Jewschool in the first place, no?)

  6. true as that may be, if you’re going to repost 10 things from my homepage in a week, throw a nigga a shout out.

  7. i did indeed notice them… hence why i stratched out the other line and wrote “silly bastids”

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