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How to tell if you're a liberal anti-Semite

From (tip to JTA):

…how can you tell if you’re a good liberal who simply thinks the West Bank settlements are bad policy—or a closet Judeophobe whose progressive views mask a serious attitude problem? Take this quiz and see.

The quiz is, as I’m sure one could guess, tongue-in-cheeck.  My results:

Phew! You’re an unbigoted liberal—painfully capable of striking a middle ground and excruciatingly tolerant of all points of view. Please enjoy this complete set of Barack Obama’s speeches.

I wonder what it says that this came from Slate, a secular publication.  What’s your take?  Also, feel free to share your results.

4 thoughts on “How to tell if you're a liberal anti-Semite

  1. so’m I.
    but my first time around I misread the scoring instructions and ended up with “OK, you’re not an anti-Semite. But you’re not a liberal either. You win a lifetime subscription to Commentary and this sheaf of old AIPAC newsletters.” And that really confused me 🙂

  2. I “display trace elements of atavistic fears,” which I guess means that I expect people to act pretty much as they’ve always acted and that I learned how to deal with the more irrational and bigoted ones by spending a decade in Texas.

  3. I think it creates false dichotomies, that’s what. But aren’t all online quizzes like that? Loaded answer choices with the intent to steer?

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