Hunting For Hoodios

The Whittier Daily News reports,

Seventy-two-year-old Carlos Salas owns one newspaper in Los Angeles, another paper in Baja California and a jewelry store in Pasadena. He has a home in Spyglass Estates near Whittier and another in Tijuana. Also in Tijuana, he founded a Jewish university and is the teacher at a Jewish congregation. Now, the spry, dark-haired native of Zacatecas, Mexico, is taking on a new challenge. In an effort that experts say is either rare or unprecedented, Salas is trying to attract Southern California Latinos with Jewish roots back to the faith.

Full story.

2 thoughts on “Hunting For Hoodios

  1. I can only imagine what rabid, anti-immigration activists would think if 1/3 of the Mexicans crossing the border were Jewish. Oy, the conspiracy theories that will arise. I love it.

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