I Guess "Jew Blend" Didn't Have The Right Ring To It

christmas blend
I have a friend who works for Starbucks, and she claims that their Christmas Blend and their Holiday Blend are the exact same coffee–out of the same grinding machine and everything. Evidently, one’s packaged for the Christmas-averse crowd in a soothing blue and white package, and the other is full of bright red holiday cheer. If this is indeed true, it’s an irritating piece of marketing brilliance.

10 thoughts on “I Guess "Jew Blend" Didn't Have The Right Ring To It

  1. Yeah. I work there too. And I live in a place where it’s predominately Christian, so we don’t get any shipments of holiday blend or much “blue” merchandise. It’s all red, white and green for us. (it’s done by demographics). I’m a little bitter.

  2. Not to mention the fact that the only holiday season merchandise you can buy at Starbuck’s that is outwardly Chanukah-related is a what basically amounts to an eight-day advent calendar menorah box thing.

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  4. JJ (and other Starbucks employees),
    If you worked in a demographic that warrants selling holiday blend (and, I can’t believe that they only offer it in regions they deem diverse enough to warrant “holiday” and not just “Christmas”), do you receive it early enough to be sold for Chanukah?

  5. If the “Jew blend” is for the Jewish holiday closest to Christmas, then clearly it’s intended for breaking the fast after 10 Tevet.

  6. JESUS, why does it make so much of a difference to you Americans? In a predominately christmas-celebrating area, why should companies not capitalize on it?

  7. To Feygele,
    Yes, we turned “red” a week before Thanksgiving. Plenty of time for Chanukah purchases.
    Oh, in Madison, the store closest to campus apparently has some blue merchandise that they specially ordered because of the large Jewish population at the UW, but all the other stores are all red.

  8. Sort of on this topic – what is it with xmas trees in lobbies of residential buildings? Why do they do it? It’s not marketing the building. Is it their version of ‘persomet ha nes?’

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