I Heart Israeli Street Art

Friend, I am really sorry but I no longer remember since they’ve poisoned my head with Coke and Britney and Marlboro that they shove here into babies. Wait, wait. But a culture which needs more will screw us and the friends of the dumbasses that aren’t leaving this cursed place. I no longer remember remember why I’m here at all.

It’s already been a few days that I’ve been wandering around at night in the empty streets screaming. It’s been a few days already that I haven’t succeeded in understanding why the hell I can’t succeed. What, am I screwed up? What, am I sick? For days I’ve been sick, so give me medication. Give us all the medication that will redeem us from everything they have told us about our beloved homeland.

Give us truth, give us love, give us dreams, give us hope. I’m sick of seeing people with long faces, desperate. I’m sick of poets, of politicians, of small gnomes hiding behind bushes in public gardens. I’m sick of standards, of routine, and of the stupidity of a dense society.

Blind people, open your eyes already and see. Blind people, open your eyes and see that only love, only love, is what will bring us the sweet truth. Life and death, peace and quiet, only love will show us, only love will show us, only love will show us, the emperor has no clothes.

All this and more in the gallery at Orthodox Anarchist.

One thought on “I Heart Israeli Street Art

  1. it’s not about love. it’s about getting laid. take care of that and maybe you won’t be such a whiney bitch.

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