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I Hope He Gets 'Em At Markup

Reuters reports,

When entrepreneur Ahmed Abu Dayya first heard that Danish caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad were being reprinted across Europe, he knew exactly what his customers in Gaza would want: flags to burn.
Abu Dayya ordered 100 hard-to-find Danish and Norwegian flags for his Gaza City shop and has been doing a swift trade.
“I do not take political stands. It is all business,” he said in an interview. “But this time I was offended by the assault on the Prophet Mohammad.”
[…] He sells his Danish and Norwegian flags for $11 a piece — a price he acknowledged might be dampening sales. Many protesters prefer to save money and make the flags themselves from scraps of fabric, he said.
Abu Dayya sources some of his flags from suppliers in Taiwan, but he buys Israeli flags from a merchant in Israel, even though he sells them to be burnt at anti-Israeli rallies.

Full story. (c/o Darieus)

12 thoughts on “I Hope He Gets 'Em At Markup

  1. this reminds me of a story Rabbi Noach Shapiro tells about an elderly congregant in Atlanta. After the Klan burns a cross on his lawn he says “as long as they keep buying their sheets from my store, why should I complain?”

  2. It’d be cool if they made the kids make the flags themselves in their version of Sunday-school. It’d be a great way for them to learn about other cultures and history. I call it “Learnin’ and Burnin'”.

  3. well, mans gotta put dinner on the table.
    and well at least israel are getting something out of their flag burning escapades….which arn’t very enviromentally friendly i may add

  4. Ok, sorry about the Asaf comment. But the second half of my comment is legit. There are plenty of anti-Zionist Israelis who would willingly sell flags to people who planned to burn them. That’s an important point to make.
    You can ban me if you want, but at least give me warning. You have people here who call themselves anti-Zionists, so why is it out of bounds to refer to them?

  5. Daniel Brenner, that’s like a story in To Kill a Mockingbird. The issue of the Klan comes up. Someone says that the last time that the Klan marched in the town this guy with the last name Levy embarrassed them because he pointed out that they had all bought their sheets from him. It could be based on fact or just coincidence. Not at all to say that I’m disregarding your story.
    Oh man, I would like to see what that foo Tuna said to get himself kicked out. Can you tell us by any chance, Mo!

  6. Matt – I don’t know if it is a true story – it ain’t my stroy – but sometimes fiction writers actually use true stories in the context of fiction. I know in this day and age of memoirs scandals it may sound backward, but I imagine that some of the Jewish department store owners profited from the Klan and laughed their way to the bank.

  7. Yeah, forcing the TIPH out of Hebron is pure ‘never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity’. I wonder how the Danes and Norweigens are reacting, if they are plainly trying to turn the other cheek and accept their boo-boo, or if they are putting their foot down and defending their free speech.

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