I pledge indifference

A Chicago school district pulls a Jewish song chosen for it’s melody from a choral concert due to its potential as a prayer – but keeps an African American “spiritual” number in the program. Jewish song with words from the book of Lamentations, ‘Hashivenu’ was deemed “inappropriate” for a public school choral program; African-American spiritual ‘I’m Goin up a Yonder’ has “more of a historical and cultural context” even though it mentions G-d.

2 thoughts on “I pledge indifference

  1. aw, come on? Are romantic songs forbidden in schools too? any kind of music that speaks a yearning deeper than money? both songs are about a yearning ot return home to some totally beyond original place, a universal longing way beyond simple religion, a universal human search for the sacred mother and big rock candy mountain. how do you teach music without teaching that?

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