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I Reiterate, A Failed Policy

Frontline’s Kate Seelye reports from Lebanon, offering a sobering look at forcible regime change’s only possible result:

I wonder today what new monster will emerge from this violence. What new expression of pain and desire for revenge. Four weeks into the bombing campaign, I’m just starting to feel the mood turn ugly. For the first three weeks, I was amazed by just how humane and gracious the Lebanese remained, especially the displaced, despite their incredible challenges. They patiently told their stories. They offered, with usual Lebanese hospitality, the few cigarettes they had, or a cup of tea. But for good reason, people here are starting to get fed up with journalists, especially Western journalists. Tempers are flaring; people don’t really want to talk to Americans, especially since Washington continues to provide Israel with the bombs that are killing their children.
“I will never forget,” a civil defense worker screamed at me just yesterday, after spending the night pulling bodies from an apartment building destroyed by a single Israeli bomb in a Beirut suburb. “I will never forget how that pig George Bush killed our children. In the same way,” he spat, “we will kill his children.”

Full story.
The lighter side of the same:

5 thoughts on “I Reiterate, A Failed Policy

  1. Well, it’s the third time I’ve watched this, and I’m still howling over it. Irony — not tears — cleanses the soul.
    Cervantes, Rabelais, and Swift would be proud!

  2. Why is it that the arabs never care about the Jewish reaction but Israel always has to take into consideration the reaction of the arab “street”. What harm ever came from ignoring their demands.
    I’ll give you a little history lesson mobius. In every single confrontation for the last 1400 years between xxxxx and muslims it has always been the muslims, ALWAYS, who started the hostilites. Yes even the crusades. Yes even the colonisation of their countries were because of the violent provocations that the islamic world made.
    Do the muslims care, do they apologize? HELL NO! Those wars of conquest they inflicted on the rest of the world is their golden age.
    No muslims will ever apologize for that. (I should know)
    Right upon this very day they continue to attack, murder massacre, destroy all in the name of their religion and no-one among their own stands up to admonish them.
    And despite all this WE are supposed to care about their feelings? Their suffering? Their dead?
    These are you enemies Mobius. Never forget that.

  3. ahahahahahaha.
    hey, remember when napoleon invaded egypt because of “the muslims” and their “provocations”? that was funny!
    :::runs through rest of list in head so as not to waste precious time:::

  4. Sam- Guess who was the first to declare war on the united states immediately after it’s founding. I’ll give you a hint: they’re not buddhists.

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