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I'd say "dunk her in the mikveh," but…

Even that icy-cold water couldn’t wash the nareishkeit out of her head.
Madonna hijinks
Madonna as a revitalizer for Sfat. Well, I suppose at least they haven’t started bottling the water from the mikveh, or selling the gravedust, yet, but…

Madonna reportedly is thinking well into the future.
“The valley of Rosh Pina is the entrance to where the Messiah will come to Safed,” said Lotan, the Tzahar region’s tourism director, “and Madonna is negotiating to purchase a house there not far from where we are.”


4 thoughts on “I'd say "dunk her in the mikveh," but…

  1. That picture of Madonna on the cross is awful reminiscent of the the scene of the three members of DEVO on crosses in the Dr. Byrthfood short that DEVO made with Timothy Leary back in the early 80s.

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